Veterinary Exam

The same way humans need regular doctor check-ups your pet needs regular veterinary exams. Veterinary exams are designed to ensure that your pet’s health is in check. Here at Elmwood Veterinary Hospital we encourage at least one veterinary exam each year for all pets. Veterinary examinations keep pet owners informed about their pets’ growth and well-being.

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This is my pet’s first veterinary exam. What should I expect?

Our veterinarian will do a physical examination to locate any abnormalities and to make note of physical changes to the external body. If we discover any issues, we will provide treatments and recommend lifestyle changes for your pet. If your pet needs a veterinary exam, schedule an appointment at 506-858-9900.

My pet is a senior. How often should they receive a veterinary exam?

Senior pets should have veterinary exams twice each year. As pets age they are more likely to develop illnesses, which is why it is important to catch them in the early stages.

Do I need to schedule an appointment for a veterinary exam?

Yes, consultations here at our hospital are done by booking spots ahead of time. Call early, as spots fill up fast!

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