Surgical Services for Pets

Our pets may need surgery to improve their health and overall quality of life. It can be stressful and frightening for everyone in your family to have your pet undergo surgery. That’s where we step in to bring assurance to your family. The veterinarians at our hospital have years of experience in performing surgeries and ensuring pets have a full recovery. Our hospital has a top-notch surgical suite and we use modern technology to monitor your pets during every procedure. We treat our patients with the utmost care and listen to your concerns.

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How is my pet prepped for surgery?

Our veterinarians will inform you of any precautions to take before surgery. We generally require that pets fast up to 8 hours before the surgery. We recommend that your pet is up to date with their vaccines.

What veterinary surgeries are offered at your hospital?

At Elmwood Veterinary Hospital, we perform surgeries regularly. The surgeries we offer are, but not limited to:

1. Spay and neuter
2. Eye
3. Laparotomy
4. Dental procedures
5. Tumour, cysts and foreign objects removal, etc.

What aftercare is given to my pet following surgery?

Once surgery is complete, your pet will be monitored for a short time in our hospital. Once your pet is doing well and recovered, they can be sent home with medications to soothe the pain or ache. You will also be sent home with an in depth set of discharge instructions that will go over the at home care for recovery. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any concerns about surgery or recovery. Schedule an appointment at 506-858-9900.

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