Euthanasia Services for Pets

As time passes your pet’s quality of life may start to diminish due to age or illness. At Elmwood Veterinary Hospital, we understand the role that pets play in your life and we know how difficult it is to consider euthanasia. Our veterinarians will always listen to your concerns for your loyal companions and give you the best options throughout the process.

How does euthanasia work in pets?

Euthanasia is the medical term for putting down your pet or putting them to sleep. Our trained technicians will give your pet a sedative before the doctor gives the final injection. The injection they’re given allows them to pass away peacefully. The injection stops their heart and ceases any brain activity. It is conducted in our bereavement room and pet owners can be present the whole time.

Is euthanasia right for my pet?

Euthanasia should only be performed with the support of a veterinarian. As your pet’s guardian, you see the changes in behaviour, diet or the constant pain they experience. These can be signs of a low quality of life. Your pets deserve to live full happy lives where they are playful, affectionate, pain-free and eating well. During your pet’s veterinary check-up, you should mention these changes. Our team can provide medications to relieve the pain but your pet’s attitudes and some behaviours may remain the same. When these changes cannot be reversed or improve, due to an illness or condition, only then does euthanasia become an option. No one wants their cherished pets to suffer and that is why it is considered by many loving owners. If you are concerned about your pet’s quality of life, speak to your veterinarian and voice your inquiries. Call us at 506-858-9900 to start the conversation.

Will my pet feel pain during euthanasia?

The process is almost entirely painless.