Dermatology Services for Pets

It is very common for pets to experience skin issues. The good thing is these problems are easily noticed and can be treated accordingly. Pets who suffer from skin disease can experience immense discomfort. A benefit of choosing our hospital is that we are experienced in treating any breakouts or disorders your pet may have. A skin issue should never be left to go away on its own as they can progress and cause severe problems.

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My pet’s fur is thinning, should I be worried?

Thinning fur or dull coats on your pet could be a sign of skin disease. Your pet could also have an illness or nutrient deficiency. Other signs that your pet may have skin disease include:

1. Excessive scratching
2. Skin sores
3. Bald patches
4. Dandruff
5. Lumps
6. Rashes

What may be causing my pet to have skin issues?

Skin problems are usually brought on by: parasites (ringworms, fleas, ticks, etc.), dermatitis, yeast infections or skin tumours. If you suspect your pet is suffering from any of these conditions, reach out to your veterinarian. Schedule an appointment at 506-858-9900.

How should I treat my pet’s skin issues?

You should always contact your veterinarian. Our licensed and qualified veterinarians will perform thorough physical examinations as well as run tests to diagnose your pet. Once your pet’s condition is diagnosed, we remedy the issue with various forms of treatment. We strongly discourage pet owners from trying DIYs from the internet as they may irritate the skin even more.

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