Bloodwork Services for Pets

Performing blood testing can be crucial in obtaining your pets diagnosis. Blood tests are not only required for sick pets, but healthy pets as well. Our hospital can perform lab work in-house or send samples to a referral lab when needed. We use blood tests to diagnose diseases and conditions such as diabetes, anemia and liver disease.

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Why does my healthy pet need blood work done?

Even though blood tests are used to diagnose illnesses, they tell veterinarians important details about the baseline health for your pet. These are what normal and healthy levels look like in your individual pet. This is valuable information that can be used for comparison in the future. Other reasons for conducting bloodwork are:

  • To identify illnesses that wouldn’t be caught with a physical examination. Your pet may not show any signs of illnesses or conditions on their physical body. It’s very common for some conditions to go undetected in the early stages.
  • To determine if your pet is healthy enough for surgery. If for instance your pet is being spayed or neutered, lab work will tell our veterinarians if your pet is in good health to recover from the surgery.
  • To detect early signs of illness in senior pets. Senior pets need annual blood work to catch early signs of illness.

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Where is the blood drawn from my pet?

Blood is typically taken from the veins in your pet’s neck or leg.

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