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Rabbits are very common domestic animals. Bunnies make great companions. Elmwood Veterinary Hospital is experienced in providing care for rabbits. With the right lifestyle, diet and care, rabbits can be kept healthy and live up to 12-years-old.

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What should I feed my rabbit?

Your rabbit’s diet should consist mainly of grass, leaves and some appropriate fruits and vegetables. You can feed your bunny timothy hays, kale, and small amounts of rabbit pellets. They can also eat carrot tops, bell peppers, and blueberries as treats. Avoid giving your bunny almonds, grapes, chocolate, cereal or beans.

What size cage does my rabbit need?

Providing proper care for your rabbit means that they have a big enough cage to live in. Your pet needs a cage that can hold a box full of hay to hide in, separate spaces for a litter box and water bowl and an area for them to hide or play. The cage should also be high enough for them to stand on their back legs without hunching over or their ears touching the roof.

To further provide quality care you should also consider the types of toys you purchase for your rabbit. They can use hard plastic toys that are easy to chew on. You should also be mindful of how you handle and groom your rabbits. They need regular brushing and monthly nail trims. You should lift your rabbit by scooping under their chest while supporting their back.

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